Sunday, February 14, 2010

snow snow snow

I'm so tried of snow... PLEASE SPRING HURRY UP!!

I have 2 wedding coming up... BJ and Jessica and Justin and Jennifer, summer, I'm almost single and a couple other things.. so It hit me one day OMG I can do things for me now!! So I bought the p90x and i have been doing it 10 days now and can already tell a huge difference!! I can't wait to see after 80 more days!! I think I'm addicted now! I have my goal set and I"m determined to get there!! And I will get there just watch and see. I've started tanning too. So far only 2 days now.
Brytlee is getting so big. I can't believe she is about to be 18 months old!! Where has time freaking gone? I'm so lucky to have her. And she is lucky to have me and my family.
Court date has been set... I'm ready for it to all be over with. And ready to nail Beau's ass to the wall!!! I don't even have to do anything, it's crazy he's so stupid he's digging his grave for himself!
But whatever.... as long as it's put off and if i have to keep fighting him I will, because my daughter deserves only the best in life. And that means a dad that loves her and cares enough to ask about her and see her and put her 1st in his life. At least she has a mom that would never leave her or put her 2nd to anyone!!

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