Sunday, February 14, 2010

snow snow snow

I'm so tried of snow... PLEASE SPRING HURRY UP!!

I have 2 wedding coming up... BJ and Jessica and Justin and Jennifer, summer, I'm almost single and a couple other things.. so It hit me one day OMG I can do things for me now!! So I bought the p90x and i have been doing it 10 days now and can already tell a huge difference!! I can't wait to see after 80 more days!! I think I'm addicted now! I have my goal set and I"m determined to get there!! And I will get there just watch and see. I've started tanning too. So far only 2 days now.
Brytlee is getting so big. I can't believe she is about to be 18 months old!! Where has time freaking gone? I'm so lucky to have her. And she is lucky to have me and my family.
Court date has been set... I'm ready for it to all be over with. And ready to nail Beau's ass to the wall!!! I don't even have to do anything, it's crazy he's so stupid he's digging his grave for himself!
But whatever.... as long as it's put off and if i have to keep fighting him I will, because my daughter deserves only the best in life. And that means a dad that loves her and cares enough to ask about her and see her and put her 1st in his life. At least she has a mom that would never leave her or put her 2nd to anyone!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hating snow!

I have decided I no longer like snow days!!
It's been like 2 days and I'm bored outta my mind!! What to do ???? Watch movies, play with brytlee but only inside, be on the computer, read......I can do all this stuff when there isn't snow!!!
I am getting outta this house tomorrow!! I have to or I'm going to go crazy!!
And I'm keeping my fingers crossed on having school this coming week. I freakin hope so! I can see it now... we miss a few days.. and we get to play catch up AGAIN!!
I hate having to to that! It's hard on me and the kids and If I don't feel like they are learning it... because we forget things... it takes even longer!
So Friday Brytlee was sick. I guess that was a good thing about being home, because I would have been anyways. So far we have all been lucky not to get what she had. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. But she is back to usual independent self. Gosh she is so head strong!!
Ok I guess I'm going to go play with Brytlee and watch 101 dalamations!! YAY! Puppy puppy puppy puppy...... (brytlee talking there)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sorry it's been a couple months!!

Brytlee and her Puppy Oct 31st 2009

Mommy and Brytlee oct 31st 2009
Me, ignore the other person lol

Brytlee's 1st birthday!!!!


Ok i'm officially back!

Brytlee and I just moved... the best move yet! My ex in laws sold the house so we moved back into Mom and Dads. It's good.... Brytlee and I have my old room and our own living room. I brought quite a bit of my stuff too. Tv, stand, chair and half, treadmill, crib, shelf, large mirror, and of course our clothes and her toys. And somehow I got a bed, chest of drawers, hope chest, dresser, shelf, computer desk, crib, and my 6 ft mirror all in our room! And some of her toys too!! haha

Brytlee is doing awesome! She's getting so big and changes so much everyday! I'm so happy she's pretty much with me everyday and I don't have to miss anything! I'm very lucky with my job and her being across the hall from me.

I'm going back to school in the fall. I'm gonna finish my internship... FINALLY! I know that I would have never done it if I had gotten my own place. I'm excited.. I think.

Life is going great... except for a few "interuptions" every so often. But that should be changing soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

all new....

WOW.... so Brytlee is going thru a phase... or I'm praying it's a phase!!! She's been so crabby! And dang does she have attitude! I wonder who that came from?? So i'm learning that it's not always good.... ppl only see the good... usually, but i'm with the good, bad, ugly all of it... 24/7!! But I still love her to pieces!! Even when she's pushes all my buttons.... and knows it!!

I went and saw an old basketball coach coach the other night, well a couple nights.... I forgot how much I enjoy that stuff! I love being at games, whether it's basketball or softball or baseball! Almost as much as I do playing!! Sooooo Justin and I got to talking and I'm gonna check for sure, but I believe I can take a test after my intership and be able to coach!! HUMMM.... what do you think.... Coach Brandi??!!! I think that would be the coolest job EVER!! Even though I absoulty love my job and my kids!!

Speaking of my job..... so I get 6 new ones in my class in Jan.... They are moving up from the 3 year old room. They aren't new to me... which is good, they know me and I them and they know my classroom. So that is a big help!! I'm super excited... my kids need more friends!! And I need more entertanment. lol Kids really do say the FUNNIEST things! Oh boy I have many many many stories!!! And sooo darn cute!!

About me now.... I've totally changed things in my life. I work up one day and was like "what am I doing? WHy am I doing this to myself?" I'm running twice a day now... I mean come on... I was so athletic and now I do nothing but play softball in the summer... NO MORE!! Now I'm running and playing basketball a few times a week. And I'm being around my friends more... and just being Brandi again!! It's about time huh!! No Ive been told a lot that I keep all my emotions locked up... and I do.... why put my problems on someone else?? but I'm learning that sometimes I need to let go... sad, happy!!! And a lot has been happy! Every now and then I have a "bad" day... but it's usually caused by me not knowing how to comfort my child while she is hurting from her teeth... that is really getting to me!! Poor little girl>>>
Anyways, my friends are trying to hook me up with ppl... that's cool... but I'm' not looking... it will find me when it's suppose to. And I'm loving sorta being single... not officially single yet! It's funny because at work we have our "eye candy" .... it's so funny in all our tastes in guys. Mine for sure needs to be athletic!! (hint hint)

Well I'm going to bed.... last day tomorrow before a whole week off!!!! YAY Then it's GIRLS NIGHT!!!!!!! woot woot...... no details on that one... lmao

Saturday, November 7, 2009

life is Ironic

yes it has been a VERY long time since I last wrote.

Brytlee and I are doing great. She is getting big so dang fast!! And so full of personality. We had pictures taked here resently.... I can't wait to see them and show everyone!!

Most of you know Ive been having many eye problems.... well I went to a spec in little rock, he is convinced it's my contact solution that I have been cleaning them with the past 12 yrs. He said that for 12 yrs I have been putting a chemical into my eye and now I've become allergic and causing all my problems. So we switched solution and cleaning ways, and now taking them out everynite until my eyes heal.... meaning the blood vessels that I have growing under my cornias. Yeah if they don't stop then I'm in BIG BIG trouble! But he believes they will stop... and as of right they have no caused any damage. Thank you God! I can see again now!!!! whooo hooo
Also a Big thanks to one of my kids at schools dad--- you know who you are, thanks for helping me with this problem too!! I greatly appriciate it!

I'm still married----- many different reasons why it's taking FOREVER!! But I'm trying to get him to settle outside of court.... not looking to be how it's going to end. Oh well. I'm not worried!! Its very funny to hear all the stories going around.... People just think they know everything about everyone elses lives! I think they need to get their own life!! lmao I know mine is to so damn exciting though!!

Here lately some very ironic things have been happening..... I can't seem to wrap my brain around it!! I'll write more about this later.....

I'm gonna go clean and go see my baby... she's with meemee and uncle Justin...... OHHHH
YEAH!!!! Uncle Justin in engaged.... to Aunt Jennifer! We are very excited.... always considered her family, now it's just gonna be offical. AND Justin did EXCELENT on her Ring!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

at this moment....

Sorry it's been a few days or week or how ever long.... I can't keep track.
I'm still not completly moved in--- still lacking the washer and dryer. Hopefully soon I will be able to them from storage. The house is no where near where I want it to be. I have like every room to paint. grrr And I have to put in a whole new closet in one room because all the shelves were gone. It's pretty shitty how someone could be so disrespectful to a place.

I've been in close contact with my lawyer and things are going good with that... i'm not going to go into detail if you wanna know more just get ahold of me.

I'm very VERY discusted with something right now and embarrassed too. Most of you know what I'm talking about or who I am talking about. I swear they have totally gone off the deep end. And when they hit bottom they are going to have burnt way to many bridges to get help or forgiveness.

Brytlee is doing amazing! She is into everything. She's going to be just like her mommy.... lol. Shes tough and a little brat! But I love her more than anything else. And I guess I do spoil her just a little bit, but I can't help it! Last night she cuddle up with me in bed- yes in my bed, she did start out in hers but has been waking up at like midnight so I put her with me. So me, Brytlee, Gracie and Chopper had the bed to ourselves. lol pretty much they had the bed!!

I need to get around for work...... More later!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the move

The last several days I have been moving my things out of storage and back into my house. yes My house! I moved out because someone left and left me to be able to pay for things on my own. That wouldn't and couldn't happen- so I moved out- not wanting to but I did and now I'm moving back in with roommates. Thank you roommates! lol
I am so sick of unpacking things though. Is is ever going to end? Omg!! My garage is sooo full of boxes and I still don't have my washer and dryer out of storage yet. AGH
Now I'm in the process of painting... and I really mean painting! The master bedroom, master bath, Brytlee's room, guest room and guest bath. And then the hall and around the ceiling in the living room! Thank goodness for friends! And friends that paint for a living. Also been doing LOTS of mowing and weedeating. Oh my lord the grass was like 3 feet tall!! I can't see why anyone would just let things go but oh well not my problem anymore.
My goal for my house now is to save up for hardwood floors because the STUPID tile in the livingroom and hall is 1 ugly and 2 my child keeps falling and hurting herself!! So that's the first thing happening and the carpets are getting professionlly cleaned. Then the BIG things will happen gradually..... but luckly i have friends that build houses for a living and are willing to do things for me on the side. haha
So I've met some people..... lol.... if you know me you know who I am talking about. And you know who you are too! I had forgotten all the great people in this world. Thank you for showing me that again!
Church today was awwwwmazing! I really was thinking about things and it's almost as if he were preaching to me. Ive come to realize I need to forgive someone to move on completely... that I shouldn't go on hating. Even though what they have done is still wrong it wasn't my wrong doings. So that's my thing I'll be working on... it's def going to take time becasue I have a LOT of hate their. and I know now why God did what he did.... he reallly opened my eyes on this one in many many different ways. Thank you Lord, I needed it.
When I get settled in I'll post some pictures of everything...